• Dear friends, please ensure you have our updated Broadcast Schedules effective 30 October 2016 to 25 March 2017. Click here for the latest schedules. >schedule in PDF. Keep tuning in for more spiritual food, encouragement, insight and sharing. Do let your family and friends know too!  

  • Does your life just go on and on without any changes? Don't be upset. Our Time , a program that records memorable moments of our lives, shares communicative skills, and teaches biblical knowledge; can always enrich your lives with God's words.

  • "Lamp for My Soul (3)" guides you in listening to the whole bible in three years so that you can meditate on the wonders of God. You can now listen online or download the mp3 files. Let God's lamp brighten up your everyday life.

  • The sermons are translated from the sermons of Rev. Timothy Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian church in New York.  The topics covered include: 'Who's Afriaid of Doctrine?', 'understanding Jesus', 'The Holy Spirit', 'the Gospel, Hope, and the World', The Radical Imperative-A New Birth' and 'Heaven and Hell' etc. Listen Now!

  • Come check out Insight for Living now!

  • Now make the best use of your commuting time, download our 'Mandarin Audio Bible' under Listen section. Listen to a chapter every day anywhere, anytime. Let God's Word accompany you all the time to give you His peace, strength, and wisdom!

  • We are looking for volunteers to assist with our ministry. You can even do it from home! Click here for details.

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